May Beauty Favs



With summer just around the corner it seems like every time I open my Instagram the majority of my feed is pictures of girls at the beach with long gorgeous soft beach waved hair, so it’s no surprise that the majority of my May favorites are hair care products.

  1. My all-time favorite go-to hair care item is without a doubt the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product. With all of the highlighting and coloring I’ve put my hair through in the last few years I don’t know where I would be without this stuff, I probably would’ve had to cut all of my hair off by now. A few sprays of this after the shower and your hair will feel the healthiest and most manageable it’s ever been in your life. I swear by it.
  2. My second favorite product is the Goody quick-style wet hairbrush, the soft cushion bristles enable you to completely de-tangle your wet hair pain free. Saving your hair from the breakage caused by normal hair brushes.
  3. Ok, I have never met a Macadamia Natural Oil product that I didn’t like. Their entire line of hair care products, although pricey, are worth every penny. Seriously nothing compares to their stuff, but my favorite product of theirs is the Deep Repair Masque. If you’ve ever wondered how to keep your hair both long and healthy, this is it.
  4. The last hair product on my list is the Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Beach waves have always been a favorite style of mine especially if you’re in a hurry, and if you know me you know that i’m always running late for things. I’ve tried literally hundreds of beach wave products most of which leave my hair feeling dry, crunchy, or crispy. This product does none of those things, a few sprays of this in my tousled wet hair and it drys into effortless soft waves. Living on the coast, this product is a must-have!
  5. I have naturally pale skin so when it came to finding the perfect bronzer it seemed like my search would never end. Most were either too shimmery or made me look orange. Until I found the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends Natural Radiance Bronzer. I use the shade Sunkissed and it gives me just the right amount of glow without looking like an oompa loompa or like i powdered myself in glitter.
  6. Next up is my first ever MAC pigment in the color Rose. I was skeptical about pigments for a long time because I thought they would look too heavy or too bright on me, I was wrong. This one is a rosey pink color with a bronze sheen to it and the color is just right for day or night.
  7. Last but not least on my list is the Blistex Deep Renewal chapstick. I don’t care who you are everyone needs a good chapstick in their life. This one gives the perfect amount of hydration without feeling too think or waxy and I’ve been carrying it with me everywhere. With spf 15 it’s perfect for those long summer days at the beach!

I hope you enjoyed my favorites list for this month and hopefully you pick up some of these products to test out for yourself! If you do or if you already have any of these leave a comment below with your own experience with them or any others you like. (:


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