21 Signs your new guy is a Fuckboy


For those who don’t know, the term “fuckboy” is used by this generation for a guy who only wants to sleep around with girls and has no real interest in them, but leads them on to believe that he does. So, how do you tell if he is? Here are the signs…

  1. He only ever wants to hang out with you late at night. As my mother always said “Nothing good happens after midnight.”
  2. He tells you that he “doesn’t like social media” or says something along the lines of “I have social media but I don’t ever use it” …. He’s most likely a fuckboy. Do your research. If you find his profile and he’s clearly been on it recently, then there’s something he’s hiding from you.
  3. Along with number 2 he refuses to add you on social media or gets upset when you tag him in something. He will give you his reasons why and try to make you believe them but the truth is, he doesn’t want someone else to see that he’s hanging out with another girl.
  4. He goes out with his friends all the time, but you’re never invited.
  5. If “guys night” happens more than once a week, he’s a fuckboy.
  6. If you’re hanging out with him and he leaves as soon as his phone starts to ring, come on ladies don’t ignore the obvious.
  7. If he even tries to sleep with you on the first date or the first time you are left alone, he is a complete and total fuckboy.
  8. If he asks for nudes. DON’T DO IT. Your body deserves more respect than that and I can promise you he has dozens of them from other people.
  9. He only wants to see you after he’s been drinking.
  10. He “doesn’t believe in labels”… If only you could see me rolling my eyes right now..
  11. If he’s disrespectful to his mother or really to any other women, he’s a fuckboy. Why would you want to be with someone who can’t even grasp a simple concept like respect.
  12. He posts shirtless mirror pics after a shower or working out. It’s fantastic that you keep up with normal daily hygiene, but that’s not something that needs to be shared with the world.
  13. If he EVER makes you feel bad about yourself. He’s only trying to boost his ego and will take it out on whoever is around him. Don’t let him treat you that way.
  14. If you see him on campus or anywhere in public really and he completely ignores you, he may later say “Oh i didn’t see you” but if you know he did, don’t fall for that.
  15. His personality changes based on who he is with. He’s a people pleaser, he has no interest in being his own person, and he only wants to be what is popular.
  16. He uses “bros before hoes” on a regular basis.
  17. Or refers to women as “hoes” “sluts” “chicks” etc.
  18. If he tells you all of his exes were “crazy”… don’t ignore the red flag, there’s a reason behind this and you know it’s not that every one of them was really crazy.
  19. If he ever tries to say you “owe” him nudes, or anything for that matter.. he’s a fuckboy.
  20. If he keeps hitting on you even after you’ve rejected him or after he’s clearly been with another girl. F.U.C.K.B.O.Y.
  21. If he talks shit about your friends and family…. This is a huge one for me, no guy EVER has the right to talk badly about your friends or family because no matter how many guys come and go those are the people that will always be there for you.

Hopefully this list will help you ladies, don’t waste your time on someone who sees you as just another number. Spend your time on someone who likes you for you(:


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